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Warsaw Central Train Station

About the Warsaw Train station and buying tickets at the Warsaw Central Train station. There is a video tour of the station below.

Note that you can reserve train tickets at Train Reservations.

warsaw central train station
Marriott Hotel And Train Station
As Seen From Palace Of Culture

The Warsaw Central Train Station ( Dworzec Centralna ) is located at Al. Jerozolimskie 59 in the center of Warsaw.

It is directly across the street from the Warsaw Marriot Hotel and next to Zlote Terasy the largest shopping complex in the the Center of Warsaw. It is also directly across the street from the Palace of Culture.

Here is a picture of the Warsaw Train station that shows you its location in relation to the Hotel Marriot Warsaw.

If you are going to travel much in Poland, you are sure to use it as a travel point. And it has an interesting underground with hundreds of small shops where you find some interesting things that range from upscale coffee shops to travelers' gifts.

If you are just passing through Warsaw and want to do some quick shopping, go out the doors opposite to those taking you to the Marriott and you will be right in front of a huge modern shopping center. Zlote Terasy


Getting To The Warsaw Train Station From The Airport

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Getting To The Airport From The Train Station

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Getting To The West Bus Station From The Train Station

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Getting To The National Stadium From The Train Station

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Finding A Hotel In Warsaw

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Buying Tickets At The Warsaw Central Train Station

There are many ticket booths at the Central Station. Because the lines can be very long at times, and the people on duty do not always speak English, you are advised to buy your tickets ahead of time. If not, you are advised to at least check the schedules so that you can tell the agent what you want. To get information about that, go here to Buying Train Tickets And Using The Trains



Train Station Safety

You are advised to first read the Poland Chamber Train Travel Tips.

Travelers in Europe support a huge industry of professional pickpockets and thieves. They are experts at picking tourists out of a crowd. And they find train stations a very good place to find things to steal.

There are many people who lurk in the walkways around and in the stations. They often offer help and, in the process, help themselves to what you have. The more confused you look, the more they mark you as a target.

And they will spot you on a train platform and move on the train with you. As you work through the crowded train car entrance and train car aisles, they will fleece you. They move on through the car and get off the opposite end of the car.

Sometimes they spot passenger cars in the passenger car parking lot and follow the passengers to the train cars. They relieve the passengers of the car keys and steal the car before the car owner returns to the passenger car parking lot.

Such is the way in Europe for the traveler.

The police monitor the train platforms but they can do nothing unless they have notice of a crime. And they are unable to see what is happing in the confines of the train cars. So you must be very careful.

Guides For Travelers To Poland


The history of Poland and its culture are put into fantastic perspective by James Michener in his book "Poland". It is a journey over centuries that gives you a full understanding of the Country and its people.

It is a must read for anyone who intends to do business in Poland. And a should read for anyone who is going to visit the country.

Eat Smart in Polandcover

How to Decipher the Menu, Know the Market Foods & Embark on a Tasting Adventure

Eat Smart in Poland contains a quick, easy-to-use menu guide, a helpful glossary of foods and flavors, tips on how to shop the fascinating food markets, useful phrases in Polish when ordering or buying food, a collection of recipes to try at home, and more. If you are traveling or moving to Poland, take this book with you!

Passport Polandcover

Your Pocket Guide to Polish Business, Customs & Etiquette

Success in international business is not just about your product and service, or about terms and delivery schedules. Success is about people, traditions and relationships. Passport to the World books are comprehensive guides to understanding a country's people, culture, etiquette and communication styles. Passport Poland will help you: Avoid cultural faux pas Learn about Poland's values and beliefs Understand the reasons behind the actions Develop an effective negotiating style.

Polish Phrase Book3

This lightweight, portable pack features a phrase book from the bestselling "Berlitz" range plus a CD providing you with the key phrases to get the most out of your trip. The phrase book features over 8,000 everyday phrases that every traveller needs to speak confidently, plus a menu reader and culture tips to help you understand the country you are visiting. Full-colour photographs throughout help explain visually the currency, cash machines, ticket machines, motoring signs and much more. The CD features more than 3,000 key travel survival words and phrases so you can hear and practise the language. It is compatible with PC, iPod and MP3 devices.

Michelin Poland Map3

Renowned for over 100 years for their clear, accurate and easy-to-read mapping, Michelin country maps give travelers an overall picture of their route, with practical road and travel information; and city maps containing extensive street indexes orient them quickly so they can find their way to their destination.

Guide To
Krakow, Warsaw & Gdansk

This 240-page compact guide covers the essentials of Krakow, Warsaw, and Gdansk, including The Tri-City. Visit Krakow’s stunning Main Market Square, Warsaw’s historical Royal Way, or Gdansk’s Main Town Hall, featuring Golden Age decorations. You’ll get firsthand advice on the best sights, eating, sleeping, and nightlife, and the maps and self-guided tours will ensure you make the most of your experience. More than just reviews and directions, this guide is a tour guide in your pocket.

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