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Polish Restaurants in Warsaw

This page is about Polish Restaurants In Warsaw.

There are, of course, Polish restaurants all over Warsaw and Poland, simply because this is Poland. But some cater to tourists and foreigners. Here is a small list to get you started. They are some of the best in Warsaw.

In spite of the list, on the side streets of the Old Town you will find some fine small restaurants that serve Polish food. You will find many local folk there. They know what is good and where to find it.

Chlopskie Jadlo The interior of this restaurant is fashioned after the interior of a Polish hut. The portions are large, the food is heavy Polish traditional, the folk music is loud and you eat in an informal atmosphere. The food is delicious. Plac Konstitucji 1 phone 022 339 17 17

Kamienne Schodki - When you visit Warsaw you will want to visit at least one of the restaurants in the Old Town. This restaurant is a favorite not only of tourists but people in Warsaw. When you go there you will have the opportunity to try the traditional Polish roast duck with apples. Old Town Square 26 phone 022 831 08 22

Warsaw Old Town Side Street

Pierrogeria - A visit to Warsaw is not complete if you don't have pierogi. At this restaurant you will be given a selection not only a large selection of pierogi but Polish soups and pancakes. The restaurant is close to the Warsaw Poland Old Town and is really a place that you must visit. The dining is informal, comfortable and the restaurant is one that you will not forget. ul. Krzywe Kolo 30 phone 022 831 63 46

Folk Gospoda - When you look at the building from the outside you will think twice before you want to go in.. But once you're inside you will find that you made the right choice. It is a Polish tavern right in the middle of the city. In has traditional Polish cuisine and you are subjected to original Polish folk music. ul. Walicow 13 phone 022 890 16 05

Dom Polski - You have to go to the other side of the river to get to this restaurant. It's located in a prewar villa in the Saska Kempa District of Warsaw. It is a gourmet restaurant serving gourmet Polish cuisine. It is famous for its desserts. And in the summer it is particularly attractive when they open their garden. If you want a special night out, this is the place to go. ul. Francuska 11 phone 022 616 24 32

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