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Warsaw Central Train Station To The Airport

How to get from the Warsaw Train Station to the airport.

This page tells you how to get from the Warsaw Central Train Stattion ( Warszawa Centralny ) to the Warsaw Airport and has a video showing you what you will see on the way.

Getting from the Warsaw Central Train Station to the airport, is quite straightforward. There are cabs and a bus immediately next to the station.

There is a rail connection under construction. When it is completed, this page will be revised.

The ride by bus to the airport takes about 1/2 hour in light traffic. It is the choice of many people because of the difference in price between a bus and a cab fare.

Here is a link to a map that shows you the route that a bus will take and that a cab should take.

warsaw airport

If you take a cab, be sure to take a corporate cab. And check the cost per kilometer that you see posted on the cab window. Do note that cabs have a much higher fee for the first couple kilometers. The ride is about 9 kilometers. See information about taxi cabs in Warsaw at Taxi Warsaw Poland.

Here is a video that shows an actual trip from the Warsaw Train Station To The Airport.


To View In Full Screen, Click Here


This is a very simple trip to make.

But on the other side of the coin, you may wish to use the services of a transfer service to go from the Warsaw train station to the airport.

For information about transfer services, go to Airport Transfer.

And you are also invited to use the travel service below.










We do hope that this warsaw train station to airport page has been informative.

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