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Things To Do In Warsaw

A video directory showing things to do in Warsaw with city guide information.

When discussing things to do in war for a one-month stay into consideration whether the reader is a tourist who is in Warsaw on a temporary stay or someone who is in Warsaw for an extended period.

We have a special page about things to see which is probably most important for a person who is just in and out of Warsaw. You can find information about things to see and Warsaw at this link. Things To See In Warsaw

But for the person who was interested in things to do while they are here in Poland for a few weeks or longer, this page focuses on that person.

Recognizing that many things are season sensitive and activities shift inside during the winter months, here is a partial listing of some of the things that you can do while you stay in Warsaw.

There is golf, sailing, horseback riding, polo, horse races, fishing, skeet shooting, bicycle riding, Zumba parties, swimming, baseball, soccer, rugby, American football, archery, hunting, competitive dancing, kayaking, and many other activities sponsored by the Olympic Center and other regional sports centers.


We cover most of these activities with specific videos on our YouTube channel. You are invited to go to our YouTube channel and subscribe to watch our channel grow as we add more reviews of activities and things to do in Warsaw.

To get you started there are some videos and links to channels in this page.

If you have any questions about anything or can make a suggestion about something to do in Warsaw, please contact us so we can review it and added to this page.

To visit our YouTube Channel for all about Poland. Click on Poland.


And here is a selected play list of videos showing Warsaw. Click on Warsaw.

We do hope this Warsaw Things to do page has been helpful.

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