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About Warsaw Restaurants and reviews of them.

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We are reformatting and reloading this page.

Our standards for reviewing a restaurant are simply. If the local people like it, we go there and try it ourselves. If we like it, we make a video.

The problem with this page is that we have so many videos that we are short on time publishing them. But that is in progress.

We are neither food critics nor service freaks. We like places where people like the food, atmosphere and enjoy themselves.

There are many neat places to eat in Warsaw. Tourists generally find those in the Old Town or around the Centrum.

Others, find them in out of the way places where word of mouth is their best advertising.

As we build this page, we will generally add information about the out of the way and different restaurants that we most often find by listening to local talk.


Pub Lolek

A very popular grill and bar in the Park Polemokotowskie that is a few minutes out of the center of Warsaw.



The Renesanse restuarant is small, plain and is acclaimed to have the greatest french fries in Warsaw. People come from all over Warsaw to the Praga side of the Wisla just to have a plate of their fries and a chance to have at their chicken.

People line up at the outside window for walk by fries.











For business, pleasure and sports, this restaurant if very popular with everyone from business owners to students.

Good food, good beer and good service.









This is neither a restaurant nor a traditional coffee shop. It is a great cake shop where you can sit and have coffee with some of the most fantastic cakes in Warsaw. This is one that you have to see to believe.







We do hope that this Warsaw Restaurants Page has been helpful.

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