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Warsaw Public Transportation

Tourist information about the Warsaw public transportation system.

Notes On And Discussion Of The Warsaw Public Transportation System - Warsaw Public Transportation is vast, efficient and inexpensive. The public transportation system is such that one can exist in the city without the need for a car. Warsaw public transportation satisfies the needs of most people.

Warsaw public transportation is not viewed in the same way a city dweller in New York views public transportation. This difference is not because of any lack in the public transportation system but rather the view by most Polish people that they must have a car and they must drive the car into the middle of traffic in the City of Warsaw regardless of the consequences. It is more an ego trip to have a car than a conscious decision about efficient travel in the city.

Warsaw Tram

The two main public transportation systems in Warsaw are the trams and the buses. They both have wide ranging networks and stops all over the city. Buses run 24 hours per day, with limited nighttime service. But night bus service exists. Trams do not run at night.

Tickets for the buses and trams are available at kiosks and some newspaper stores. Hotel concierge also can help with getting tickets. There are many ticket types. They vary from daily to monthly.

Warsaw also has a single line, limited use subway service. There are big plans for making the system bigger but one can expect that that is probably in the next generation's lifetime. One uses the same tickets on the subway that one does on the buses and trams.

There is a local commuter train system that is heavily used by people who work in Warsaw. This system is now being upgraded to include fast commuter trains. The City of Warsaw has a lot of plans for this public transportation system to be a major and popular people mover. It seems that if the concept works, it will substitute for some of the subway lines that are planned. This seems to make sense since there are extensive local tracks that move throughout the entire city that can be used.

All the public transportation systems require tickets. Tickets are randomly checked by ticket inspectors. They operate in plain clothes as if they are some form of secret police. Why they are not put into uniform like a train conductor really makes no sense. But the country seems to think that inspectors should look like thugs in black jackets rather than professionals.

If you are a first time visitor to Poland, you are advised to think carefully before you use the public transportation system in Warsaw. Like in any city in the world, there are people who prey on tourists and you are likely to add your valuables to the troves that these folks have gathered from thousands before you.

Once you learn the system, having been given some lessons practical hands on experience in the company of a local, you will find that the Warsaw Public Transportation system is a great time and money saver.

We do hope that this Warsaw Public Transportation page has been helpful.

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