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Warsaw West Station To Warsaw Central Train Station

How to get from the Warsaw West Bus Station or Train Station to the Central Train Station.

The distance between the Warsaw West Bus And Train Station and the Central Train Station is about 4 km. That will vary with the direction taken by your cab driver.

Dworzec Centralna means Central Train Station. There is a local bus station there also.

Dworzec Zachodni means West Train Station. There is a long distance bus station there also.

And in good driving conditions the elapsed driving time should be about 7 minutes.

west train station

If you get off a train at Dworzec Zachodni, or the West Train Station, it will take you another 7 to 10 minutes to get off the train and walk through the long tunnel to where the cabs and buses are located.

When taking a cab, be sure to understand how cabs work in Poland. See About Taxi Cabs Warsaw .

You can get taken for a financial ride if you choose the wrong one. Cabs charge somewhere around 2.2 zloty per km. So expect to pay less than 20 zloty to go between Dworzec Centalna and Dworzec Zachodni.

Check the posted km charge on the rear window of the cab.

The West Bus Station and is alongside the train station. It is one the "backside" of the combined train and bus ticketing area.

Getting from the Central station to the bus station is just a matter of reversing the process.

Traffic can get jammed pretty heavily in Warsaw. Your 7 minute ride can take a lot longer. So plan appropriately.

You might make yourself more comfortable by going to Google Maps and searching any of these key words. Then use the directions link on the left and use the destination key words from the list. It will give you a lot more detail.

Warsaw West Bus Station - Dworzec Zachodni - Dworzec Centralna

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