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Nude Beaches In Warsaw, Poland

About nude and topless beaches in Warsaw, Poland. How to find them and how to get there.

There are two beaches in Warsaw, Poland that are gathering points for naturalists and those who like to go topless. They are both on the Wysla River. One is on the Praga side of the River and the other is on the Warsaw side. Both are nude and topless beaches. Each has a different character. Rated Generalaudience

The beach on the Warsaw side of the river is more of a family and naturalist beach. It is quite, big and people can either keep to themselves or meet others. Sometimes there are ball games of one sort or another which you can join.

Because it is not that far from the Warsaw, Centrum, you will often find single women there who are interested in meeting couples as well as other women. It has its share of single guys. Gay men, however, tend to go to the other nude beach on the opposite bank of the Wysla. That beach is gay oriented.

The beach itself is quite clean with nice sand. It is separated from the road by a wide band of tress that border the river so it is very private.

It takes a bit of a walk to get to the beach from the road. If you are going for the first time you may find it a bit disconcerting as you go down the path. There are some forks here and there that may divert you from the most direct path. But as long as you keep heading toward the Wysla River you will find the sand and you will see some people.

This is definitely not a place to swim. The Wylsa is a dirty, polluted river. It is a place to keep the kids away from. Some people wade or fish there. But most spend their time.

Here is a map with the location of the beach marked. You generally park on the side of the road. There is a small field that some pull into to park. But it is a private field and you may suffer the ire of the owner.

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