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al. jerozolimskie

This street is the main east-west road through the center of Warsaw Poland. It is a very active road that connects commercial districts on both sides of the Wisla River that runs north and south through Warsaw.

Before the Second World War it was lined with beautiful buildings. But most of those buildings were damaged during the war. Rather than repairing them, the communists leveled them and replaced them with their signature boring, gray communist architecture.

This horrible architecture generally dominates the Warsaw Centrum today. But as one heads west on Jerozolimskie one approaches are some of the more modern and commercial parts of Warsaw that include major shopping centers and other commercial establishments.

Much of the growth in Warsaw immediately after the shift to the market economy was out on the western part of Jerozolimskie. And that actually continues today.

Though the street is not a tourist attraction, tourists in Warsaw really cannot avoid it. Because, among other things, on it lie the central train station and commuter station as well as the central metro station - points that people use when they come to Warsaw via train or the airport.

It is the main access road to the Polish National Stadium. The video below gives you a good overview of the street and shows where the national Stadium lies in relation to the city center as well as in relation to the Jerozolimskie.



Even though the street is definitely not the prettiest street in Warsaw, if you have time, a walk-through the Centrum on the street may reveal to you some interesting shops. And you will definitely find some interesting restaurants that the people of Warsaw use quite often.

And then of course there is a large shopping center next to or behind, or if you will, the central train station.

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