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Warsaw Outdoor Swimming Pool

About a great outdoor swimming pool in Warsaw, Poland.

This page provides you information about an outdoor pool in Warsaw Poland that has many extra facilities. There is a video that shows the complex itself plus information about how you can get to the pool complex.

The complex is located in Park Szymanskiego . The address is Aleja Prymasa TysiÄ…clecia 103. And map can be found at this link. Map

They are actually three pools in this complex. There is an infant pool, a family pool, and an adult pool.

Around the pool was is a large grassed area where people picnic and sun themselves.

There are places to buy pizza, hot dogs, ice cream and a restaurant where you can buy beer and french fries as well as some basic lunch items including hamburgers and kielbasa.

warsaw outdoor pool

The area is well-maintained. It is clean and the water is crystal clear. The entire area around the pool is generally a no smoking area with smoking allowed only in a few very small designated spots.

And the no smoking and no drinking rules are strictly enforced. Security guards continually patrol the complex on bike and foot. They have a zero tolerance policy towards offenders.

Because this is an outdoor pool, the water temperature reflects the atmospheric temperature and amount of sunshine. After heavy rain, the water can be downright cold. But on a hot sunshiny day, the water warms quickly and is quite comfortable.

Parking can be difficult unless one avails himself of the a parking area. The hourly rate is reasonable and well worth the paid fee.

There are other outdoor pools of Warsaw, but this is the largest and has the most supporting facilities.

You are invited to watch the video which will give you much more detail and a better description than we can in text.



We do hope that this Warsaw Outdoor Pool page has been helpful.

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