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Warsaw Old Town

About the Warsaw Old Town with videos to show you what it looks like.

The Old Town in Warsaw is one of those places that almost every first-time comer to Poland actually sees.

And for good reason.

After Warsaw was destroyed during World War II, the old town is one of the few places that was actually restored to what it looked like before the destruction.

warsaw old town
Warsaw Old Town

Much of the rest of the city was developed using communist architecture of square, cold, gray buildings. And one might say, without being too far from being politically offensive, that it is architecturally boring.

That is not to say that there is not a lot to see in Warsaw. If you go to our things to see in Warsaw page you'll see many other interesting places to go.

But the old town gives you a good flavor of what it was like in the past in Warsaw, Poland.

The Restoration Of The Old Town

In this page we have some introductory videos. Why videos? Because a video gives you much more information than words ever can.

And we also have a link to our play list on you to it gives you more information about Warsaw.

Though we encourage you to go to the old town and see it, we also encourage you to look at the many other interesting things that you can find in Warsaw if you take the time to do a little bit of planning.

You are invited to watch our videos where we tour Warsaw and get into some of those things that you typically do not see in most of the tourist guides.


Here is a link to our play list on YouTube that will give you many looks at the Old Town and Warsaw in general.

We do hope that this Warsaw Old Town page has been helpful.

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