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Warsaw Metro Line

About the Warsaw metro, how to use it and information about each of the metro stations plus a map.

warsaw metro station
Typical Warsaw Metro Station

The metro is a major and heavy used commuter system currently extending from Northern Warsaw (Mlocny) to Southern Warsaw (Kabaty) . A second East - West line is being built. The first section should be completed sometime in 2014.

You can get maps of the metro at the various city tourist information stands. Also, on each station there are maps. And on each train. You can also get a copy now that you can print by going to Map Metro Warsaw

In the page below there are links to videos and descriptions of each of the metro stations on the line.

Riding the metro is safe and convenient. Having said that, do avoid the weekday hours 0800 - 0900 and 1600 - 1700 if you want to avoid the cars filled to crush capacity.

During the week trains run about every 3 minutes. On weekends it is more like 6 minutes.

All stations are well lighted and open but for elevator entrances at some which are at the end of narrow passages at one end of the station.

And to emphasize a point, elevator access is available at all stations.

There is a yellow emergency phone at the end of each station platform.

WC facilities are available at each station. They are paid services. Zloty are required. They are clean and each has an attendant available at all times.

Information about buying tickets is at Warsaw Metro Tickets


Here is a video that gives you a view of the Warsaw Metro.

Here are links to descriptive material about each of the Metro Stations on the line.

And each of the pages contains a video about the related station.


Metro Marymoncka

Metro Plac Wilsona

Metro Dworzec Gdanski

Metro Ratusz

Metro Swietokrzyska

Metro Centrum

Metro Politecnika

Metro Raclawicka

Metro Polemokotowksie

Metro Wierzbno


We do hope that this Warsaw Metro page has been helpful.

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