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Warsaw Commuter Trains And Stations

About the commuter rail system, the commuter trains and stations in Warsaw.

warsaw commuter train

The commuter rail system in Warsaw is extremely well developed. It allows thousands of people to come from outside of the city directly to the city center. There are, of course, many way stations on the way in that people use for normal commutes to other places.

There are rail stops at the Warsaw Central commuter train station, the Gdansk Station, and along side of the Warsaw Central Station as well as at the Warsaw Central Station.

Commuter rail service is provided by three train lines. The two main lines are Kolejowa Mazowiecki (KM) and SKM. The third is WKD.

The Warsaw commuter train station provides direct access to the Warsaw Metro at the Warsaw Central Metro station. Traffic to that Metro station is extremely heavy from the commuter line.

The train tickets used on the KM and SKM rail lines on the same tickets that are used on the bus and tram lines. So it makes it very convenient for people who use the various public transportation systems for their daily commute.

We have videos on the trains in Poland that shows some of these commuter trains. See Railways

In the video to the left gives you get a complete description of the Warsaw Central commuter station.

We also have a link to the Gdansk Station video.

Information about buying tickets for these rail lines can be found at this link. How To Buy Tickets

These rail lines also serve the airport. Here is a link to a page and video that describes the airport to the city center link using the commuter rail system.

We do hope that this Warsaw Commuter Trains And Stations page has been helpful.

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