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Telephone Use And Numbers in Poland

Many Polish people use only mobile phones and do not have fixed telephone lines in their homes. And Poles are some of the most prolific users of VOIP phone systems, with Skype being the most popular, in the world.

People in the small towns and rural areas are more likely to use a regular phone except that those who have had relatives move to Western Europe for work may have some form of Skype available so they can communicate free.

Mobil phone numbers are not published. Skype ID information is available through the Skype Directory. If you do not have Skype, it might be best to get it now. Skype And read information about how to use it effectively.

Information about getting phone numbers of people who have land lines in Poland is covered in a special page that we have under this link. Polish White Pages

SMS messages are very popular among the young. During the parliamentary elections of 2007, SMS is credited with having made a great difference in turning out the vote for the winning party, Civic Platform.

There are pay phones all over Poland. Some accept prepaid cards and some accept coins. The operators generally speak Polish only.

If you are in the metro stations, there are yellow colored emergency telephones at each station. They are located in the passageways that lead you to the elevators.

If you are going to do business with Poland, a Skype account will save you a lot of money. The calls to Poland are incredibly cheap. This is discussed in various ways in the pages that we link below.

Companies in Poland use the Skype Out system to make incredibly cheap telephone calls anywhere in the world to regular phones. A call from Poland to the United States costs less than 3 cents per minute.

Polish Companies also use the Skype In system to allow people in foreign countries call Poland via numbers local to their country. For instance, you can call our Warsaw office from the United States by calling a phone number in Massachusetts - 508 471 4462. And you pay only for the call to Massachusetts.

Here are pages that discuss more about the specifics of communications in Poland.

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Though Skype is used by many millions of people, you will still have to rely on the regular phones simply because they are not always sitting at their computer to be able to take a free Skype call.

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For Your Business Telephone Number Add Skype In

Skype is an internet based telephone service that is owned by eBay. Regardless of the size of your business, Skype offers you significant and valuable benefits. Skype offers many services. All are very inexpensive and worthy of your consideration.

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