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To Start A Business, Learn How To Use Affiliate Programs Effectively

Affiliate programs are the meat of internet marketers. They know that they provide the easiest, fastest, lowest risk way to make money. They know that they can sell thousands of products and never have to have a web site to promote that product.

Internet marketers know that they can find almost anything to sell as an affiliate. They can sell cameras, computers, clothes, jewelry and so on. They can follow market trends and make changes in their product mix in a few minutes time. And they can do all this free.

They do it in many ways. Some are brutally simple and others take a little more effort.

But first let us look at the typical scenario. Most people join and affiliate program, put a banner in their web site and make little or no money. They walk away convinced that affiliate programs don't work. The problem really is that most often their web sites either do not have enough visitors to them or they do not have the right visitors to them

Putting up banners is a sit and wait for someone to come approach. Don't discard it, but don't expect to make a lot of money unless you 1) have a lot of visitors to your web site and 2) the banner promotes something that will interest the type visitors that you get.

Now let's look at how marketers make money. The most simple and most effective way to make money with an affiliate program is to tell someone about the product being sold.

You can do that by sending email, by sending post cards, by writing newspaper advertisements, by advertising in ezines, by writing articles for ezines and magazines, by putting advertisements in magazines.

You can also use search engine marketing. That consists of creating special web pages that focus on selling the products that you want and submitting them to the search engines. You then back the submission up with pay per click and sponsored advertising.

Each of these processes takes a little time to learn. But once you learn them, you will see how easy they are. And you will finally understand a lot of what you see on the web when you go to a search engine. You will see how little people are making a lot of money just following some simple steps.

And when you open magazines, like the New Yorker and other major publications, and see advertisements for a web site selling toys, you will see how so many others have taken small businesses to new heights by focusing and working a plan with affiliate programs. Read this about magazine advertising.

A recent study of 186 brands over a seven year period shows that:

  • Magazine advertising produced a higher return on investment than other media studied, second only to trade promotion.
  • Magazine advertising improved the return on investment of both trade promotion and TV advertising.
  • Scheduling magazines and TV together improved the return on investment for both media.

    These results were consistent regardless of brand's budgets, longevity, category rank or seasonality. And, these results were consistent with findings from other studies.

    Because more consumers report that they "often purchase a product as a direct result of magazine advertising"

  • Consumers trust and believe the advertising in magazines more than in other media.
  • Consumers state that magazines are the medium that is most tailored to their interests and provides the most relevant information.
  • Consumers are more likely to pay attention to advertising in their favorite magazines than on their favorite TV shows or web sites.
  • Consumers don't find magazine advertising "annoying" compared to advertising in or on other media.

    Now you have gone from simple emailing to magazine advertising. I did it and I started with an advertising budget of $20 per month paid for on a credit card. Now I have many advertisements for which I pay $20 per day. And I make a profit every day.

    What is most frustrating, I started with affiliate programs and thought that they did not work. Then I learned how to use them.

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