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Sopot Poland

About Sopot Poland

Sopot is one of the three members of the Tri-City group in Northern Poland.

It is less known internationally than the two other members, Gdansk and Gdynia, but it is very well known and a major tourist destination for people from Poland.

It lies on the coast between Gdansk and Gdynia. As one travels the coast, it is easy to miss that one moves from one city to another.

Unlike Gdansk and Gdynia which are major commercial centers and industrial towns, Sopot is more of a resort or play area.

There is a lot to do in Sopot. It has many tourist oriented facilities. And there is a stretch of about 4.k kilometers of very popular beaches. The beaches are well maintained and well served. They have a reputation of being some of the safest beaches in Poland.

Because Sopot is behind the Hel Peninsular, the water, and the air, at the beaches are typically warmer than that along the Baltic Coast. One does not get the constant cold winds that one gets along the more Northern Baltic Coast. See Baltic Sea Weather.

One of the major attractions is the pier that is the longest in Europe. It is some 511 meters long. It is one of those things that people, when they go to the Tri-Cities area for a weekend, have to see and walk. Very often there are organized water activities that one can watch from the pier.

Unlike most of the Baltic Sea Coast tourist towns, Sopot is not plagued by the temporary wooden trinket and junk shops that prey on tourists. It has more of a permanent atmosphere so that walking the streets can be a pleasant experience.

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