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Smolensk Airport -The Polish President's Final Approach

The final flight path of deceased Polish President Lech Kaczynski's plane on its flight to the Smolensk Airport, Russia from Warsaw, Poland has been determined. The plane hit the ground upside down in April, 2010.

crash site
Crash Site

The picture below shows the plan on a proper path for landing. But it was low. When it hit a large tree it flipped onto its back and veered left and into the ground.

For larger pictures, click on the images.

filight path final

In the pictures below:

In picture 1 you see the first tree hit by the plane. The plane cut the top of the tree off.

Picture 2 shows where the plane cut off a landing light. The red line shows the planes path at that time. Men inside the building said that they are lucky to be alive as the plane passed only a couple meters over their heads.

The plane, albeit it low, at that time was on the correct flight path to make a landing.

Picture 6 shows the large tree that probably tore the left wing from the plane and changed its path to the ground.

After hitting this tree, the plane flipped onto its back and hit the ground upside down.

  Smolensk Airport crash pictures


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