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The 10 most asked questions about shopping in Warsaw

Can I do tax free shopping in Warsaw? - There are many shops in Warsaw that display the tax free shopping sign. You can save up to 22% on any purchase by patronizing merchants that have taken the extra effort to provide you the service. We have put up complete information about Tax Free Shopping in Warsaw at this link.

Where can I find Boleslawiec Polish pottery in Warsaw?

Where can I find a good selection of amber at a fair price?

Is it better the Shop in the Old Town for gifts or are there better places to find good gifts?

How do I get to the Arcadia shopping mall from the Warsaw Centrum

Can I use credit cards, dollars or Euro in Poland?

Where is the best place to change money?

Should I shop in the Old Town or are there better places to find the same products at better prices?

What about the nightlife in Warsaw?

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