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About Tax Free Shopping In Warsaw

You can save the 23% value added tax, they call it VAT, if you shop at a store in Warsaw that gives you the documents that you need to get your tax back when you leave Poland.

A 22% tax savings is a lot of money. Imagine going into a store and asking for a 22% discount. You probably would not get it. But if you go into a store that offers tax free shopping, you get that in your tax savings.

Picture tax free Shopping
Tax Free Shopping

The first step in the process is to shop at a store that uses a service that allows for you to get your tax back when you take the products out of the country. These stores generally have a sign displayed that says "Tax Free Shopping." The sign looks like the image at the top left of this page.

Not all merchants take the time to provide the service. So you have to be sure to check before you buy. There can be a lot of money involved, so it pays you to take your time to check.

When you make your purchase, the merchant will write you a check for the amount of tax that you paid. The check is valid for four months. When you leave the country, you get the check stamped by a customs officer. The stamp is verification that what you bought has left the country.

For immediate cash, you can cash your check at a Gobal Refund office. They deduct a small check cashing charge. There are Global Refund check cashing offices conveniently located at the airports and the border crossing points.

You can also mail your check to Global refund and they will return to you a bank check or credit the amount to your credit card. This is a very convenient option when you either forget to or don't have time to go to the Global Refund Office.


Getting Your Tax Back In 3 Easy Steps

1. When Shopping

Shop where you see the Global Refund Tax Free Shopping sign. Tell the service person that you would like a Global Refund Tax Free Shopping Check.

2. When Crossing The Border

When leaving a country or the European Union, show your purchases, receipts and passport to a customs officer and ask the officer to validate your Global Refund Check.

3. Getting Your Money Back

Get cash at a Global Refund Office or send the check Global Refund for a bank check sent to you or request a direct payment to your credit card.

There are many locations in Warsaw that display the Tax Free Shopping Label. You can find them at this link.Tax Free Shopping Store Locator

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