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Shipping costs and considerations when shipping from Poland.

shipping from poland

To use some shipping estimators and calculators that will give you immediate answers for shipping packages and cases from Poland, as well as contacts to air freight and ocean freight shipping companies that will give you personal service, go to Shipping Estimator and Calculator.

As you use the calculators or contact the shipping companies, you should have the following information in hand:

Having this information will make getting answeres much easier.

  • What are you shipping? A car, A printing press? A horse? A glass vase? A piece of jewelry?

  • How do you want it packed? Does it need special handling? Personal care?

  • How much are you shipping? One? A half pallet? A full pallet?

  • To what address will the shipment be delivered?

  • From what address will the product be shipped? If you don't know that, at least name the factory or supplier of the product so that the shipper can fix a starting point
  • How do you want it shipped? Air, sea, post, courier, truck?

  • What special conditions do you want? Overnight? Express? Insured? Hand carried?

Once the shipper gets that information, you will get an approximate price of shipping. Some shippers will give an exact price, but if you are dealing with larger shipments, you will most often get only an approximate price because weight and volumes can only be calculated after the product is ready for shipping.

There are shipping calculators and estimators for packages, air freight and ocean freight at Shipping Calculator.

Now if you know the products that you want to buy from an online company, you can generally calculate the shipping for products that they sell just by using their shopping cart. Pick a product and check the shipping cost by adding it to your shopping cart cart with the shipping destination address to which you want it shipped. Of course, don't complete the order. Remove it from your shopping cart after you have your figures.


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