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Sheraton Warsaw Hotel

Sheraton Warsaw Hotel Guide, video and text, the hotel, how to get there, room rates and the city around it.

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Visitors find that the Sheraton Warsaw Hotel is in one of the more convenient locations in Warsaw, Poland. It is only a short walk from the Sheraton Warsaw Hotel to one of the nicest streets lined with excellent shops and restaurants. The street, Nowy Swiat, because it is by design limited access only to public transportation, is devoid of the hustle and bustle of city traffic and is a pleasant place to spend time. This same street is part of the Royal Road that leads one directly from the Sheraton Warsaw Hotel to the Warsaw Old Town.

Likewise it is a short walk to embassies and the Polish Parliament.

Sheraton Hotel
Sheraton Warsaw

Getting to the Sheraton Hotel from the Warsaw Airport is best done by taking a taxi. It is approximately 20 minutes from the Warsaw Airport. Here is information about the airport taxis. How To Get To Warsaw From The Warsaw Airport By Taxi Cab

The Sheraton Warsaw Hotel is an excellent place for the foreign visitor. It has excellent restaurants and a pub that is one of the more popular watering holes not only for the Sheraton Warsaw Hotel guests but also for local expats and local Polish business people. It has excellent food, excellent service and excellent entertainment. Unlike many other hotels in Warsaw, guests at the Sheraton Hotel Warsaw do not have to wander around town to find a place with good entertainment and populated by good people. They only have to go to the hotel pub and they have just what they need.

The Sheraton Hotel Warsaw has a fine selection of easily accessible conference rooms. There are large ballrooms and small conference rooms. Because of the fine service, the well done hotel and its excellent location, you will find many high profile events and functions held at the Sheraton Hotel Warsaw. In fact, it is one of the most popular places in Warsaw to hold an event or conference.

A major hotel such as the Sheraton Hotel Warsaw might be hard to describe as warm. But that is how one can properly describe this hotel. It just has that comfortable feel about it. It is a nice break for the business traveler to be able to come to a fine hotel with fine service and still come to a hotel with a comfortable feeling.

First time visitors to Warsaw generally ask about safety. The Sheraton Warsaw Hotel is in a very safe section of the city. Tourists wander around the area to the wee hours of the morning visiting pubs and restaurants. Hotel security is top notch and the staff is attentive to your needs.

Check room rates, discounts and availability here. Hotel Rates And Services

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