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European Sex Is Open

The sexual standards and approaches to sex in Europe vary, as should be expected, country to country. But it generally can be said that sex is Europe is open, casual and often freewheeling.

Generally sex in any country in Europe depends on the cultural standards of that country. A country such as France, Germany or Great Britain, where there is a diversity of cultures that include Atheists, Christians and Muslims, will have different sexual cultures that depend on the neighborhood in which you are.

The Atheist and Christian populations in Europe are generally very open about sex. The Muslim people can be two way. In some cases the Muslim population is one way with the Muslim males paying attention to the non-Muslim women while at the same time they prevent Muslim women from having sexual contact.

In all, sex in Europe is approached differently by different segments of society.

Among the sexually active population of Europe swinging is a very popular pastime. Sex clubs abound and nude beaches are everywhere that water is to be found. Surveys show that marriages tend to be very open with as high as 60% of the married people having had relationships outside their marriage.

Here is a direct link to a site for swingers and swinging in Europe. SwingerLifestlyes.

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Europe is a destination for many women who are interested in having late in life sex tours. Information about sex tours for women is here. Not only do they head for the Mediterranean countries for Latin Lovers but also the countries of Eastern Europe to have their day with the Polish plumber.

The legal age varies from 14 to 16. Anecdotal evidence indicates that many of the women in Europe experience their first sex well under the legal age. In some cases young women experience their first sex in their own beds under the supervision of their mothers.

The countries of Eastern Europe have been very popular for men coming to Europe for sex primarily due to the beauty of the women in these countries and the low standard of living as compared to the rest of Western Europe. There are many women in these countries interested in partying to find a man to take them west.

The European approach to sex is very straightforward. Many saunas are coed and nude beaches abound. Information about beaches is here. People are not shy about their bodies. Even if they do not go to a totally nude beach, going topless pool side or at the beach is fine.

Church attendance apparently does not inhibit sexual activity. For example, in Poland where the young people admired Pope John Paul II it is openly admitted that they followed their own ways in spite of their admiration for the man.

But as open and casual sex is, visitors coming to Europe for the first time should understand that ian aggressive approach is not the approach that is appreciated. Sex in Europe is casual and the approach must be casual as well.

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