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Warsaw Restuarant Pub Lolek

A restaurant and pub in Warsaw Poland that you will find to be one of the best in Warsaw.

Buried in the center of Warsaw's famous park, Pole Mokotowskie, is a fantastic stone building surrounded by tents and generally filled with friendly people having a good time. The place is called Pub Lolek.

Pub Lolik

On weekends it a place of choice for families. The children can run, the adults can talk, eat and drink and even the dogs are welcome.

The atmosphere is open and free style.

The food is Polish Grill. You can also choose from a large salad bar.

It is self service and you choose your place anywhere among the many picnic tables available.

Reservations for groups are taken. It is a place for birthday parties and group gatherings.



The video to the left gives you more views of the pub.

The service is great. The staff friendly and helpful. Even the (BIG) security guards are polite, friendly and helpful.

If you don't speak Polish, no problem. There is always someone nearby that is ready to help.

That all relates back to the owner. He keeps close tabs on everything. He dresses to mix with the crowds and wanders here and there checking. Unless you know who he is, you would not pick him out as anyone associated with the staff no less the owner. He does not wait for problems to develop. With his sense of the restaurant business, he anticipates and moves quickly.

There is also a great night life at Pub Lolek.

Pub Lolek - ul. Rokitnicka 20 - 02-131 , Warsaw, Poland
Tel - +48 (22) 825 62 02

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