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Poland is famous for its glass. There are large factories producing glass for major retailers and there are hundreds of small factories producing many different kinds of hand made and hand formed glass.

If you have come to this website, and are a buyer who buys large quantities such that you can meet the factory minimums of 1000 pieces of a particular piece, then it is most convenient for you to contact the factories directly and get a price quotation on your product. You can get that information and be contacted directly by the factory if you go to this link. Krosno, Poland

Many people refer to Polish glass as Krosno glass. That is a misconception since Krosno is the name of the city. There are many glass works in and around Krosno that will carry the Krosno name but each factory is distinct in its manufacturing process and has its own products line. You can get some more information about Krosno glass if you go to this particular link. Krosno Glass

Poland also makes many varieties of hand crafted glass. There hundreds of glass factories and individual entrepreneurs around the country who make unique products either to order or they have developed their own unique product lines that they sell in many cases exclusively to local distributors.

There are also many medium-size factories that have the ability to export their products and who are always seeking distributors in foreign countries to work with them to expand their markets.

There are some particularly nice pieces such as the hand painted glass and the amber and silver jewelry decorated glass lines and a very popular with foreign tourists that come to Poland. These glass lines have limited distribution in faring countries so when you have a piece of this glass you are sure to have something that is unique.

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