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Government in our Polish Outlook Library. The articles there provide insight into how the Polish Government is discharging its duties. Included in those English language articles are links out to Polish language references and sources.

The Polish Government Sejm

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Politics in Poland are justifiably characterized as raucous but peaceful. Once democracy was restored in Poland, the people have adhered strictly to making changes through the use of the ballot box. There have been, of course, the normal abuses by individuals and institutional corruption that occur under any democratic system, but the results of elections have always been honored.

Some of the most ardent supporters of democracy in Poland were and continue to be those who were part of the communists system. That is simply because it has been, for some of them, in their self interests that the Country remain under the rule of law and not rule of men or they would probably end up in jail.

There is a free, active and biased media in Poland that keeps a lot transparent. News services are known for their particular bias and there is enough variety that little escapes criticism or exposure.

Voting has been peaceful and fair. And the results are the results.

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