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Polish Trains And The Railroads In Poland

Experienced travelers in Poland recognize that using the Polish train systems is the best way to travel to most of the cities. Train travel in Poland is fast, efficient and convenient, especially for the business traveler.

The two most important train lines for the business traveler and a tourist who is interested in visiting the main cities in Poland are the EuroCity and the InterCity train systems.

The EuroCity train system travels cross border and delivers passengers from Warsaw to other countries in the European Union. In addition to being used for cross border travel, they are also used to commute to major Polish cities that the train stops at as it travels across Poland.



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For example, the EuroCity train system is the choice of business visitors who wish to go from Warsaw to the Poznan Trade Fair. The train leaves the Warsaw Central Station at about 0725 and get you into Poznan at about 1030 in the morning which is the prime time to start your day at the Fair. For more information about that train see this link. About Train Travel Between Warsaw And Berlin

The InterCity train system uses equipment that is similar to the EuroCity trains but travel is limited to Poland and the major cities in Poland. Travellers from Warsaw to Krakow find that a train leaves the Warsaw central station about every hour.

These trains travel for the most part on upgraded high-speed welded steel rails. Those rails that have not been upgraded are currently in progress of being changed thanks to European Union funding. Places such as the Warsaw central station still use the old rail system but there they do not really affect the speed of train travel because travel in that region is generally slow due to congestion any way.

picture of intercity train
InterCity Train

The Regional Train services are chosen by people who are unable to make the appropriate connection using either the EuroCity or InterCity train systems. And the regional trainers visit more locations in Poland. But they have not have been upgraded to the extent that the EuroCity and InterCity trains have. You can get information about the Regional Trains at this link. Poland Train Transportation

In general, the train systems in Poland are really the travel mode of choice for experienced travelers in Poland. If you're coming to Poland it will do you well to take some time to learn about riding the rails in Poland and how it can benefit you.


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