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Information about the freedom of sex in Poland and Polish views on sex with Comments on the sexual revolution in Poland.

Perhaps one of the most misunderstood aspects of Polish daily life concerns the liberal approach to sex taken by a large segment of the Polish population. Even though the population is predominantly Roman Catholic, the prohibitions laid down by the Roman Catholic Church about premarital sex are largely ignored by many of the younger people. This has resulted in a very sexually active young population.

That is not to say that the older generation has been immune to the changes. Brothels are all over the country. Even many small towns have their own brothel. It has even been reported that some married women go to the larger cities a few days a week to work in brothels. They claim that they can earn more in a few days working in a brothel than they can in a month in their home towns. This is done, of course, with the permission of their husbands.

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To give you more background, we reprint an article written in 1999 as part of a research project. It is very revealing.

Polish Sex And Matters Related To Sex In Poland

Information about sex in Poland and polish sex after the transformation

Political transformation in Poland
The rise in sex work

By: Anna Nowak - In: Research for Sex Work 2, 1999


The political transformations that took place in Poland at the turn of the 1980s-1990s let us notice some phenomena that were previously given almost no attention. For example, social minority groups that officially did not exist in a `normal, healthy and noble' socialist political system, became active. During the socialist era observations on sexual behaviour, especially that of sexual minorities whose manners differed from those generally accepted, were best kept to oneself. Socialism secured work for everybody, declared for family values, and protected human dignity. That is why it could not consent to sexual `pathology'. Therefore, a lot of social life phenomena were concealed and controlled. Prostitution was one of these. It was not banned (criminal law forbade only to profit from sex work) but nevertheless, sex work faced numerous informal sanctions - from moral condemnation (almost ostracism) and obligatory medical examinations, to suggested `co-operation' with the police. Socialist interpretation of social life values, and an extended system of social control caused prostitution to go underground and be almost unseen for ordinary people. Sex workers were colloquially called `whores' and prostitution was identified with pathological behaviours like alcoholism and delinquency, and not with the way of earning a living. Sex work meant women's misconduct and was not attributed to men.

A new way of living

The 1990s not only brought intense political and economical changes, but also social transformation. More social mobility, a new system of values, a new way of living favouring consumption of consumer goods and a trend towards early sexual initiation are responsible for changes in social morality and everyday behaviour of the Polish people. This resulted in changed attitudes to social minorities. The image and practice of sex work changed as well, as a result of:

The liberalization of private life: high income of many people affects the increase of demands for sexual services.

The commercialization of sex, that becomes a popular `commodity' (sex shops, pornographic magazines, agencies, etc.).

The disappearance of `semi-formal' limitations and sanctions from state institutions.

The changing system of values of the Polish people. Material goods are being thought highly of. Thus, sex work is one of the means to get money for consumer goods.

The less effective mechanism of social control. The pace of living and the anonymity of life in Poland make engagement in sex work easier.

It is hard to consider the phenomenon of sex work in statistic terms. As a matter of fact, the number of sex workers is only estimated. From the recently published reports it follows that there are about 15,000 Polish women walking the streets and 2,000 coming from other formerly socialist countries in Eastern Europe .The real number may however be much greater.

It is extremely difficult to analyse this phenomenon in respect of statistics because it is scarcely possible to penetrate the sex workers' community. Besides, the map of prostitution has been constantly changing. For example, prostitution intensifies in summer/winter resorts, and on the routes leading to Poland's borders. The fact that the borders are open gives sex work an air of internationalism, especially in the western borderland where the `encounters of nations' take place. Here, women from the former USSR, Bulgaria and Romania offer their services to Poles, Germans or Dutchmen. Here, the demand for sex is much greater than somewhere else in Poland. The borderland became a peculiar sex market, where sex services are sold and bought. Here, sex work is `exported' to the countries of Western Europe.

Ambiguous morality

The above facts, connected with intensifying sex work and its new categories most certainly contributed to more exposition. Organized forms of sex work such as agencies and massage parlours came into existence. Polish customs and morality have been changing: the social attitude towards prostitution has become more tolerant. There is no other explanation for the fact that married women and daughters walk the streets with their husbands' or parents' consent. The existence of prostitution in small towns which takes place in a an environment of strong traditions and a social control system in which the Catholic Church plays an important role, is hard to explain. The studies carried out by Dr Zbigniew Izdebski showed that 80% of contemporary men and 50% of women accept sex work. These facts, however, do not mean that prostitution in Poland is generally accepted and the sex sector is booming. As far as prostitution is concerned there is an ambiguous morality. On one hand, the law allows agencies to flourish, whilst on the other hand, sex work is condemned and considered in terms of social pathology as an exceptionally immoral phenomenon. The range of reactions to prostitution includes a wide spectrum of opinions, among which the negative ones predominate.

The reasons for such attitudes in recent years are as follows:

Reinstatement of Christian values as interpreted by the Roman Catholic Church and the increased influence of the Church on public life resulting from political transformation. Sex workers, traditionally associated with the underworld and black market, are seen as potential criminals. To profit from somebody else's prostitution is a crime and as such cannot be taxed. The earned money however, must be laundered, resulting in escalation of criminal behaviour. Sex workers and their partners are perceived as a group particularly exposed to HIV infection. This makes them social outcasts linked up with other high-risk groups, such as drug addicts and homosexuals. Lack of public tolerance puts sex workers in a handicapped position with respect to social rights. TADA: Outreach for HIV/Std prevention At present, sex work in Poland is not banned. All forms of restriction towards sex work, such as health check-up or registration, are given up. Nevertheless, to profit from somebody else's prostitution still has remained a penal offence, so all sorts of procurement are punished. Nowadays, many HIV prevention programmes are addressed to social minorities who carry the mark of social pathology. These programmes started on the grounds of awareness about the health threat related to risky behaviours, first of all in the communities of drug addicts, homosexuals and persons selling sexual services.

The Programme for the Prevention of HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases - TADA - is an example of such a programme. The TADA programme is a non-governmental one and is being realised in six Polish cities. Using street work, we try to reach persons whose behaviour seems risky in the context of the HIV/AIDS problem, e.g., men and women selling sexual services, potential clients and young people subject to various social initiations such as an early sex debut and experimenting with drugs. In our everyday activities we try to offer the following forms of services:

information about safe sexual behaviour organising anonymous medical advice creating support groups, and giving information on other institutions for social assistance. We are aware that our help is inadequate. The need for HIV prevention in Poland is much greater than what we can offer. Nevertheless, we have succeeded to a certain extent. Our work has resulted in less risky behaviour, and less sexual diseases. It also made Polish society as a whole more interested in health dangers brought about by sexual relations. The TADA programme's great strength is a group of professionals trained for realising prevention activities. Popularisation through street work proved a very effective method in getting through to various social minorities, which is also one of our achievements.

Previously, the funding and content-related activities of the programme were supervised by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare as well as by the United Nations Development Programme. At present, the TADA programme is not financed by any governmental institution. We have been seeking for financial support, but unfortunately our activities are often perceived as supporting prostitution, not as a programme promoting health. As a consequence of this misunderstanding, we have been working voluntarily for eight months. Anna Nowak TADA Szczecin, Poland

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