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"A classic clear borsch recipe appropriate for Polish Christmas and other holidays.

There are many recipes for broth. Some have added beets, mushrooms and/or beans.

Most use mushroom broth for some flavor. Many use kwas also.

This Borsch is made by combining the clear broth from beets boiled in vegetable stock, Kwas and broth from boiled mushrooms.

It is a made clear because you will be adding Uszka.

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The ratio is generally 3 to 1, beet broth to kwas/mushroom broth.

Make a vegetable broth by boiling carrots, leeks, parsnips, and onions. 2.5 liters.

Strain out solids and boil thick slices of peeled beets. 4 medium.

Boil mushrooms. 1/2 cup in 1/2 liter water.

Combine the 2 l strained beet broth, 300 ml kwas and 300 ml strained mushroom broth. (Note - you are sure to want to adjust to your own taste. So you might hold back on the kwas a bit at first and add to adjust to your taste.)

Spice with 1 laurel leaf, 4 English spice corns ground, 2 pepper corns ground.

Simmer and adjust tastes.

Serve with Uszka.

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