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About starting and running a Polish Pottery Business online and running a Polish Pottery Business offline. It contains many general comments about different aspects of the business.

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About the Polish Pottery Business

When starting a business, one should consider not only the product itself, but those things that affect one's ability to deliver the product. And that ability to deliver product depends on many things.

In the Polish pottery business, the most difficult part of the equation is getting enough product to be a reliable supplier for your customers. Small business owners typically underestimate what it takes to get product from the factories. And they underestimate the competition against which they are working.

This page gives you a solution to the problem that you have and that is how to get enough product and how to set up your business to be profitable.

Polish pottery factories are not in the business of supplying small customers. They are in the business of supplying large distributors who then in turn supply small distributors and retailers. So small distributors rely on the larger distributors and not the factories.

The Polish factories also have limited production capability. To supply the larger distributors, they are often a few months behind in delivery.





Being behind in delivery means that distributors have to have a lot of money tied up in deposits for inventory. Because this means that sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars must be tied up for the delivery of pottery that will take place in several months, most people are effectively unable to maintain significant inventory of Polish pottery on the floor.

Success in the Polish pottery business comes if you are a reliable supplier. It means that you have to have a ready source of inventory on hand. Or if you do not have a ready source of inventory on hand, you have to have a very close arrangement with a distributor.

The most astute distributors in the Polish pottery business use a special order process. They acknowledge that getting pottery is difficult. So they use catalogs and tell their customers that they can special order the pottery. It will take time, but the customers can pick and choose. And they know that their product will come in.

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Drop shipping is popular for the Polish pottery business. But the opportunities in drop shipping pottery can be limited. That is due to the costs incurred by the drop ship supplier who must keep large amounts of inventory on hand and who must incur the costs of shipping single items.

Before you start any business we recommend that you do some basic business planning.

You are also invited to take our free introductory business planning course.

We hope this Polish pottery Business page has helped.

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