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Poland's Culture And Traditions

To learn the culture in Poland, you must really interact with the Polish culture. And that means that you must meet the Polish people. The culture in Poland is unique and has a great historical base. This page gives you some background about the culture in Poland so that you are better prepared to understand Poland. This web page contains information that was written by Polish people who want to be sure that their culture is properly presented. It contains many short briefs that cover everything about Poland from dieting to dating. It is a mere introduction. But it is a good introduction that will help you get started with the culture in Poland.

It cannot, however, compare with the many books about the culture in Poland. There are many books that you can get from Amazon about the Polish culture and Polish food. To find books on the Polish Culture, click on Travel And Culture Guides - Poland's Culture, Heritage and History

Meeting the inhabitants of different countries is a wonderful thing, provided however that one doesn't offend them with a badly chosen word or gesture. It is worth also mastering the art of correctly reading the behavior of one's hosts in order to avoid sometimes amusing, sometimes unfortunate misunderstandings. We present here a guide to Poland not from the perspective of historic monuments and national parks, but the customs and mentality of its people as the people see themselves. This guide is written by Polish people so that you understand how we think.

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