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Amber Bracelets
Amber Bracelets

Polish Amber Styles

There are several basic styles of jewelry made from Natural Polish Baltic Amber. And within each style you will find many different designs.

There are some classic designs, particularly within the Natural Baltic Amber segment, that are common to most amber company offers.

But beyond that, there are many companies and each creates its own designs.

For the most part, the most popular are shown in the video below. It gives you a quick overview of what is made.

The Natural Baltic Amber creations that are made from unprocessed amber stones is classic. This style is the orginal. You can find identical pieces given as gifts to the Church hanging on the walls of many of the older churches. They were highly valued in their day.

In fact, amber was so valuable, that anyone who was not specifically authorized to have it would be put to death if caught with it.

With time, amber was set in silver castings. Some stones were set in their natural form. Others were heated and pressed into standard shapes. This eventually developed into the classic amber and silver jewelry that is sometimes called “Grandmother Amber”.

But that even changed with time. Now you can find many beautiful and creative cast silver and amber creations.

In the video you see some other examples of what is made.

If you want to purchase amber, start by getting the amber catalogs from which you can make an informed choice.

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