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How To Get from the Warsaw airport to Krakow

About this Warsaw airport to Krakow information page. This page gives you information about the various modes of transportation that you can use to get to the city of Krakow from the Warsaw airport.

You can get from the Warsaw airport to Krakow either by air, train, bus, or car.

There are direct flight connections from the Warsaw airport to the Krakow airport. If you desire to get to Krakow by air, when you are making your flight arrangements to come to the Warsaw airport, is a simple matter of having a travel agent make arrangements for you to catch a connecting flight from Warsaw to Krakow. You will land at the Krakow airport which is conveniently located just outside the city of Krakow. If you wish information about the Krakow airport here is a link to the Krakow airport. Krakow Airport, Poland

Intercity Train
InterCity Train

If you have someone pick you up with a car, you may drive directly to Krakow from the Warsaw airport. Generally the roads and driving in Poland are terrible. You can see information about the Polish roads at this link. Polish Roads The one exception is the road from Warsaw to Krakow It is fairly decent but heavily traveled.

Experienced travelers in Poland avoid the use of the roads in Poland. So the option to go by car from Warsaw airport to Krakow exists, one recommends against it.

Likewise one can take a bus from Warsaw to Krakow. But bus travel is necessarily on the Polish roads and really not the most comfortable. To take a bus you must catch the bus at one of a few locations. The main bus terminal for Warsaw is at the Warsaw West Station. You can buy bus tickets directly at the station.

The most convenient and recommended way to get from the Warsaw airport to Krakow is to take either a bus or cab from the Warsaw airport to the Warsaw central station and take a train. The trains run frequently between Warsaw and Krakow. The trains on this line are well-kept. And the service is good. The trains run frequently and they are fast. The travel from Warsaw to Krakow by train takes only about three hours on the train. But when you add staion time and normal delays, you should expect at least five hours.

The process of getting from the Warsaw airport to the Warsaw train station is fairly straightforward. You can take a taxi cab directly from the airport to the Warsaw central station or you could take a bus.

Information about taking a taxi cab from the Warsaw airport to Warsaw central station can be found at this link. How To Get To Warsaw From The Warsaw Airport By Taxi Cab

Information about taking the bus 175, which runs directly from the airport to the Warsaw station, is at this link. Bus 175 Warsaw, Poland

The bus fare from the Warsaw airport to the Warsaw train station will cost you a low over in $1. A cab, on the other hand, will cost you anywhere from 5 to $10. So depending on your budget you can take either the buss or a cab fairly economically.

Of course the safest way for you as a tourist to travel in any country in Europe, and particularly in Eastern Europe, is to take a cab, as long as you take a cab that comes well recommended. You must be very careful when taking cabs in Europe because they see tourists coming and take advantage of them as much as they can. Be sure to read the information about taking a cab from the Warsaw airport that is at this link. How To Get To Warsaw From The Warsaw Airport By Taxi Cab

When you get when you get off the bus you'll get off the bus in front of the Marriott Hotel (Hotel Marriott Warsaw, About, How To Get There And Reservations). Immediately turn left and move toward a passage way that will take you underground. Go into that underground turn right and you will be taken directly to the Warsaw central station. Go up to the main hall and you will see ticket booths in the main hall. You can get information about buying train tickets at the Warsaw

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