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kings castle warsaw
Poland's Old Market

The MasterPage is dedicated to giving you the information that you need about traveling to Poland.

You will find in the Poland Travel Library hundreds of articles about Poland and Information about Poland Travel. That library has been built over the years starting in 1995 when this web site was first set to go on line. It is updated every week with new information about traveling in Poland.

The MasterPage has been adding videos about Poland. There are over 200 of them on YouTube that you are invited to watch. They are in the Poland Travel Channel. When you click on that link a new window will open in your computer screen so that you do not lose this page.

Travel by rail in Poland is probably the most convenient, effecient and safest way to travel in Poland. Making train reservations online for intercity train travel can be found at Train Reservations.

Also train timetables from the various cities can be found at Train Timetables.

Trip preparation is all important. You are invited to read the checklist that you find at Preparing for your trip to Poland.

In that light, having an up to date written guide and map are indespensible. And having them before you travel are invaluable. You can get one for Warsaw at Poland Travel Guide

There are also many other books that you can read to prepare for your trip. They can also be found at the link above.

Note the site map at the bottom of this page that gives you links to many more pages in this travel to Poland section of the MasterPage.

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