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Poland Dentist Information - Dentists in Poland are very busy serving clients who come from the European Union countries, and other countries all over the world, for that matter, with first rate dental care. Dentist offices in Poland have a reputation of being among the best in Europe. Many of the dentists in Poland have been trained in the US and Europe. Dental care, although extremely good, is very low priced as compared to similar services in the West. This cost disparity has made it boom times for Polish dentists.

Most of the foreign tourist activity is in the Western part of the Country near the border of Germany.

Cities and towns such as Szczecin, located in the Northeastern part of Poland, that lie immediately on the border of Germany enjoy a particularly cross border medical trade.

In Szczecin, some dentists report that at least one third of their patient load comes from Scandinavia and Germany. Patients cross and recross the border for treatment. Those from Scandinavia cross the Baltic to Poland by ferry, undergo treatment and return home by ferry.

The costs of travel to Poland and the stay can ofset the savings. But if one is in Poland for a couple weeks, scheduling dental work might be a financially advantageous option. The savings on dental procedures might just in fact pay for your vacation.

A list of dental practices in Warsaw can be found at

For other cities, contact one of the companies listed above and check the prices and schedules necessary for you to get done what you want.

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