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About Wroclaw, Poland

The Pearl of Silesia is what Wroclaw is called. It is on the Oder River and is criss crossed by many tributaries of the Oder and canals. The network connects a dozen plus islands that are reached by 117 bridges. There are only three cities in Europe that have more bridges than Wroclaw. They are St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, and Venice.

Wroclaw is one of Poland's top tourist spots

Wroclaw is a charming city filled with monuments and one that enjoys a dynamic cultural life.

There are eight must see attractions in Wroclaw, Poland. They are discussed in brief here.

The Wroclaw Market Square - Dominated by a 16th Century Gothic Renaissance Town Hall, one of the main attractions is the Piwnica Swidnicka - Europe's oldest beer tavern that dates from the 14th century. "Who hasn't been to the Piwnica Swidnicka has not been to Wroclaw". There is a lot more to see in this Wroclaw market square, but these two points will stand out.

Ostrow Tumski - The most beautiful part of Wroclaw and a haven of peace and quite has on this island the cities oldest church the was built by the people who settled on the island in the 17th century. A visit to the museum is a must. They even have the book with the first Polish sentence ever written.

Wroclaw University - A beautiful building, with museum awaits you and the University Tower affords you an exquisite view of the Old Town and the Oder River.

The Panorama Raclawicka - One of the largest tourist attractions in the city of Wroclaw, this painting that is 120 meters long portrays General Tadeusz Kosiucszko's defeat of the Russians at Raclawica. The painting is displayed in a special rotunda and you view it from an elevated stand in the center of the Rotunda.

The Peoples Hall - When opened in 1913, this concrete cake look alike was the largest concrete building in the world. It now hosts sporting events and the Lower Sileasian Opera

The Parks, Gardens And Cemeteries of Wroclaw - Wroclaw is one of the greenest cities in Europe. Its parks and cemeteries hold treasures of beauty and history. They are best to be visited in the spring of the year.

Cultural Wroclaw - Wroclaw is a city of music and festivals. A music lover could spend the full year in Wroclaw and enjoy an ever changing scene of symphony and music festivals.

For detailed travel information about getting to Wroclaw, go to this link called Wroclaw Information Guide

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