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The Baltic town of Wladyslawowo, Poland is the junction point on the road from Gdansk to the tip of the Hel Peninsula. From Wladyslawowo, Poland one can either turn right at the rondo and go to the town of Hel or turn left at the rondo and travel along the Western part of the Baltic coast of Poland where you will find many other small vacation and fishing villages.

The Rondo
At Wladyslawowo
And Hel Peninsula

The road from Gdansk to Wladyslawowo has been upgraded and travel is easy and fast. But do see Polish Roads

Here is the map and satellite image of the area. Map of Wladyslawowo Poland Plus Satellite Image

Wladyslawowo is an economic center for the region. It has a large beach area, a large port, banks, many small shops and three supermarkets. It also has a very large park with a Ferris wheel, roller-coaster and much more.

Luna Park
Luna Park

There is a train connection from Gdansk to Wladyslawowo. And at Wladyslawowo one can connect to another train that will take you to the various towns on the Hel peninsula. Its final destination is Hel itself. Hel is a fine town in its own right and most people find time to visit it, especially to see the Seal compound that is a major attraction.

The ride out to Hel is rather long and the traffic in the town can overwhelm parking. So you should really think about the train if you are just going for the day. See Buying Train Tickets And Using The Trains

Shops Near Beach In Wladyslawowo
Shops Near
The Beach

The beach at Wladyslawowo is very large and it is well served. You can find places to get food and drink and toilets on the beach.

Since the Town is a central gathering point for tourists and people who live in the region year round, it can get crowded at times. But the beach itself is large - there is room right and left and the distance from the waterline to the back of the beach is longer than most beaches on the Baltic - enough so that one never really feels that he is in a crowd.

Beach At Wladyslawowo
Beach At

Compared to the other towns along the Baltic coast in that region, Wladyslawowo does not have that special small town feeling that one typically gets on the Baltic. That is probably due to the number of people that pass through the town. The residents and business owners just don't have the time to work at the slow pace that one finds in the other towns such as Jastrzebia Gora.

Wladyslawowo is generally the favorite stopping point for people who are taking a train to the Baltic coast for a vacation. The train connection from Warsaw to Gdansk and the connecting link to Hel is well served and it makes travel easy. And then because one can take a train from Wladyslawowo out to the end of the Hel Peninsula, it gives people who come by train a little more feeling of freedom.

There is cab service in town so one can easily travel the 10 kilometers or so to the popular town of Jastrzebia Gora (See About Jastrzebia Gora) or the 12 kilometers to the Naturalist Beach at Chalupy. (See Chalupy Nude Beach In Northern Poland)

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