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About Jastrzebia Gora, Poland

On the Baltic coast of Poland lies a little town called Jastrzebia Gora. It is a thriving town in the summer that is built around a selection of restaurants, play areas, tourist attractions, camps and a beautiful beach on the Baltic.

The town lies approximately 10 km to the West of Wladyslawowo which is the junction on the road from Gdansk to the Hel Peninsula. See Map of Jastrzebia Gora

The main attraction of the town is, of course, the beach on the Baltic. The beach is well maintained and typical of the beaches on the Baltic. The beach is open and uncrowded.

In the center of the town there's a large play area that is a very attractive to families with children. In that same recreational area one can find some very nice seafood restaurants and the typical offering of ice-cream and waffles plus many gift items.

Jastrzebia Gora

On the other streets in town there are many other gifts shops and restaurants that keep tourists busy.

Even though it is a very small town, it is graced with some fine small hotels and beautiful villas that you can rent.

And the town is filled with places you can rent rooms. The room rates in the rooming houses run from $10 per night per person for a nice, comfortable room.

And, typical of the Baltic Coast, there are many campgrounds.

The road from Gdansk to Wladyslawowo has been upgraded and travel is easy and fast. But do see Polish Roads

But the roads from Warsaw to Gdansk are in various grades of construction and traveling can be tedious as one can run into traffic delays that can turn a drive that should be four to five hours long into something of 10 to 12 hours. And the delays are both ways. If one is going to travel by car it is best to start at four or five in the morning to get through the construction areas before the traffic gets heavy.

The town is quite well organized to serve all your needs as a tourist. You can spend a pleasant vacation there and find all your needs without having to have a car.

Some people from Warsaw to Wladyslawowo go by train and take a cab from there to Jastrzebia Gora. See Buying Train Tickets And Using The Trains

For personal help, you are invited to please tell us what you need here. Contact

The people in the town running the restaurants and gift shops are pleasant and willing to help.

The water in the Baltic Sea is cold. Polish swimmers are used to that and they brave the cold water starting in May and swim all the way through September.

In all Jastrzebia Gora is a quiet friendly town on the Baltic coast.

The weather on the Baltic can be as varied as weather can be. At times you can be lucky and have a run of hot weather and at other times you can have the unfortunate happenstance of having North winds bringing rains so that you have to wear a sweater even during the day on the beach. That is typical of vacationing on the Baltic. But the people who know the town are willing to take the chance to go there to vacation.

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