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The MasterPage presents you Poland in Video and asks you to add your videos about Poland here.

These videos, all made from daily experiences and travel in Poland are snapshots in time of life in Poland. They are made from pictures taken as our people move around the country.

Video Image Of Poland
Poland In Video

What you see is the real Poland and the real Polish people. All pictures are candid. They show Poland as Poland is. They show the current Polish culture.

The most current and most important videos can be seen on our YouTube channel at Polcham

Many are made in response to questions that we get from people who want to come to Poland or are doing research for other reasons.

Additionally, our videos link to those submitted by people with information about their experiences in Poland, their trip, recipes and other information about things related to Poland. You are invited to submit any videos that you have. Full information is to be had by clicking on the button below.

add video about Poland

Here are four other links where you can find targeted descriptive as well as video information.

places to stay       poland travel guiide

things to see in warsaw     things to see and do in poland


Each of these videos is, however, embedded in the relevant pages of this MasterPage.

Poland Video presents you information in many different categories.

And a few videos are added each week.

To stay current you are invited to subscribe to our video channel. To do that, go to our youtube channel by clicking on Polcham and then by clicking on the subscribe button.

Additionally, if you have any videos about Poland, we will link to them through our videos. The process is simple. Add your video to YouTube. Then go to our youtube channel and use that video to make a video response.

The videos chosen to be added are those that are chosen from the feedback and questions that we get. We also look at the monthly search queries to see what most interests people.

If you would like to see a video presentation of a topic, you are invited to send us feedback and we will see what we can do on the next round.


Polish Products

How to buy Polish products factory direct plus an index of the most popular products for export.

Polish Travel

Information about traveling to Poland and how to travel in Poland once you get here.

Polish Food

About Polish food. Includes polish recipes.

Polish Social And Dating

Information for everyone here.

Polish Business

Poland is a land of opportunity for people with an interest in business.

Import Export

For import/export information, go to this page.

Poland In Video
There are over 200 videos about Poland in this site and page.

Polish Culture
Modern life in Poland with a look at Polish traditions.
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