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Poland Middle Ages Reenactment

About the Battle of Nations middle ages reenactment in Warsaw, Poland.

polish medieval armor

The world Association of Historical Reenactors Of The Middle Ages held an exposition in Warsaw Poland starting on the 30th of April 2012 and finishing on the 3rd of May 2012.

The event took place at Fort Bema which is one of a series of forts that were built by the Russians to control Poland. We have information about Ford Bema in other pages in this website.

In order to accurately portray what happened at this event, we have put out a series of videos on you to show what was going on at this Middle Ages reenactment.

You can find those videos by going to our YouTube channel which is entitled Polcham

Even though the event was dominated by battles between big men wielding big weapons in very dangerous confrontations, it was a family event with people camping and enjoying life around the old areas in Fort Bema.

Thhe video below shows you what the battles between Poland and Russia. Note that this entire activity is extremely dangerous and over four days many people were injured with some taken to the hospital.

Even though this is called a reenactment, is nothing more than a competition between big men who attempt to bludgeon each other into the ground.

And when one gets away from the battle scene, and looks at the displays of armor, weapons, food, and every other thing related to the medieval era, it is an absolutely amazing event.

If you happen to have videos of this event, we ask that you make a video response to ours so that we can get as many videos related to this event online.

And if you have any comments to make on this page of the video, please make them in the video on YouTube.


This video shows a reeneactment of a middle ages type battle between Poland and Russia.

There are other videos on sword fighting, armor, knights battle games and their medieval camp.

Please comment on this page and the videos in the comments section on each.


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