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Poland Hospital Food And Care

Hosipitals in Poland, like hospitals everywhere, have tight budgets. To cope Polish hospitals tend to put their money into patient care and equipment rather than food.

For the most part, based on our experience over several years visiting patients, the families are expected to make up for what is lacking in the food that the hospitals provide.

In the image above is a picture of a typical evening meal served to patients in the cardiac intensive care unit and in the cardiac ward.

Normally evening meal consisted of a few slices of bread and white cheese and butter or some hamlike substance and butter. Added was a cup of plain and weak tea.

Lunch was very basic hot meal.

Breakfast milk soup with pasta added plus plain weak tea.

The food was well prepared and well served. It just lacked in what one might hope for.

The diagnostic equipement is modern and the doctors and nurses well trained and attentive. What is lacking in the food is made up for many times over by the care, and patience, that patients get.

Families are very involved in the patients care in that they bring salt, pepper, sugar, fruit, jams, coffee, hard boiled eggs, sandwiches, salads and occasional hot meals.

Additionally the doctors are prone to answer questions from the family more than they are from the patient.

So if you have occasion to require hospitalization in Poland, expect that you are likely to get excellent care, to be examined using state of the art equipment and to eat somewhat dreary food.

On balance, with limited funds, one can expect that that is how it should be.

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