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The forms and purposes of Chambers of Commerce in Poland vary.

Some Chambers of Commerce are private groups, totally separate from any government organizaton. They may work closely with their home country embassy, but they are financially independent and are self governing.

Others are supported by their country.

Private chambers generally work to benefit their members only.

Most of the foreign Chambers of Commerce in Poland, such as the British and American, serve the interests of members in Poland. They do not serve foreign companies that wish information to enter the Polish market. If you want that information, you generally should contact your own country's embassy or chamber of commerce in Poland.

In general, do not expect the Polish Government, Polish taxpayers and private businesses to subsidize your market entry or research efforts. Join a Chamber of Commerce if you want its help.

Simply stated, the costs of Chamber membership can be quickly recouped in reputation, valuable contacts and time saved in your market entry process.

Poland has a state owned national chamber of commerce. If you would like to contact them, you can find their web site here.

There is one private American owned chamber that specializes in helping you find Polish products to import to your country.

Additionally, that chamber provides business startup assistance and training for people who are interested in starting businesses. Much of that assistance is free. The purpose is to help get companies started with the hope that they will eventually purchase Polish products or use Polish service providers.

The information is provided through a network of web sites, one of which is this web site - The MasterPage.

You can find information about that Chamber here.

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