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This is the Library of Artilces published by the Polish Outlook under News And Views From Poland. This page is an index page for the Archive of the Outlook. The Outlook main page contains articles published over a two month period. After two months, the oldest are moved to their own archive page and that is linked here.

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The information here represents a treasure trove of information about events in Poland. It is an excellent source for researchers. The news and views presented in them are all original content and are written by an expatriate American who has lived through the changes that have occurred in Poland. And as one who started a business in Poland but subsequently sold it to get out from under the bureaucratic mess that is involved in trying to operate sanely, no less efficiently, the articles are written with the knowledge of one who can be considered an insider.

The outlook is open and we are always looking for good information about Poland. If you have information or articles that you would like published, you are invited to submit them to us. We will add them in the appropriate section with full credit going back to your web site. Since information about or related to Poland covers such a large area, what you can write is really wide open. So if you have something to say about your trip to Poland, doing business in Poland or any experiences with or in Poland, information that you submit will be gladly considered.

In any case we offer you a few thousand selections of articles about Poland, its Government and other things related to Poland. They are linked below. We hope that you enjoy the reading.

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