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You will note that Norwegian women have a reputation for being absolutely beautiful while at the same time being absolutely wonderful women to be with. This is the Norwegian woman web site that is dedicated to giving you information about the Norwegian woman. It is filled with links to information about the Norwegian women on many levels. You are invited to review this Norwegian woman web site and we hope that you find the information about a Norwegian woman that you want.

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Norwegian Women For Dating And Marriage

Since you may be interested in Norwegian woman information for the purposes of dating a Norwegian woman for either a long-term relationship or marriage we have put this first section on Norwegian women upon top of the list. When you go to these links you go to the most popular places that Norwegian women use and congregate with their profiles and contact data. You are invited to review each of these links for they contain very good information about Norwegian women.

Norwegian Women Looking For Men

This is perhaps one of the most popular places to find a Norwegian woman. The Norwegian women find that it is a very good place to add their profiles to find an interested in dating or marriage. So if you are seriously looking to find a good Norwegian woman this is a place that you should look.

Women From Norway Looking For Men

If you are interested in looking at Norwegian woman profiles and pictures you can go to this site by clicking on the link and you will be taken directly to a large listing of Norwegian women who are looking to contact men for dating or marriage.

Online Dating

A large number of Norwegian women find that this is a good web site to find men interested in dating or marriage. Go to this web site and insert in the search box Norway and you will find a collection of profiles of Norwegian women one of whom should fit your desires.

Party Girls, Sex, Pen Pals, Chat

There are many Norwegian women who are not interested in getting married right now. These Norwegian women are interested in just having a good time and having some wild sex. Some of them are very interested in spending time in a chat room and meeting men through the chat room. So if you are interested in meeting a Norwegian women for purposes other than getting married or serious dating the links that you see here are the best links that you can find.

The Status Of Norwegian Women

Norwegian women put on their best dresses and sweetest smile when they want anything. Never in Norway has political life been so moral or so clean and that never has the country been in so fine a condition as during the lengthy period in which women had equal rights with men. Women had not only surprised the men -- they had astonished themselves as they had not guessed till they got political power how much good they could do with that power.

You need not be afraid of women becoming masculine, for the Norwegian women do not imitate the men -- no, they do great work because they are so different. The men see their view and the women their view and between them they get things right.

The women are just as womanly and sweet as ever and now they are working for the children. They see that no woman works for one month before she gets her baby and they give parks to the poor for the children to play in. Also they give them schoolbooks. And many good things these women have thought out and done for the children.

Over the last century women have gained formal and genuine equality in most spheres. In 1888, married women were given the right to exercise fully independent legal capacity, and legislation of 1918 and 1927 placed them on an equal footing with men with regard to divorce, custody of any children and the right to property. In 1912, women gained access to most government administration positions, and as from 1938, they were allowed to serve in all positions apart from those pertaining to the clergy or the military. Full rights to serve in all official capacities were granted in 1952.

The entry of women onto the work force and the subsequent changes in their financial status that began to take place at the end of the 1800's laid the foundation for a women's political movement aimed at achieving full social rights for women in all spheres. As an organized movement, the women's rights movement had its first breakthrough in the 1880's. In those early years, women fought for the right to vote, which they gained in 1913. In the inter-war years, a number of women's groups were established under the auspices of the trade unions. The 1960's gave new momentum to the women's movement. The student rebellions, the burgeoning women's rights movement abroad and the economic upswing, which increased the need for women on the work force, renewed the interest of Norwegian women in gender equality and led to a movement more potent than ever before.

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