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Mielno, Poland

The town of Mielno lies in a rather unique place in Northern Poland. It has a beach front on the Baltic Sea. Additionally it is bordered by the Lake Jezorio Jamno and has beach front on it.

It and the neighboring town of Uniescie are pleasant and nicely laid out. And in the summer months they have the gaudy look of tourist traps.

But when you get past the main street and head toward the beach, the town is beautiful.

There is a good selection of guest houses, hotels and other places to stay. The streets are well laid out and tree lined. There are many nice restaurants - in addition to the hundreds of waffle, ice cream and every other kind of food stands.

Picture Lake Beach In Poland
The Beach At
Mielno, Poland

Fishing is good at Lake Jamno and you get get a boat and tackle on the shore. And there is a beach for those who want to swim in the fresh water of the clean lake.

Here is a link to a map that shows the location of both towns. Mielno and Uniescie. As you see, it is almost in the middle of nowhere. But in spite of its location, it draws people from all over Poland and many people from Germany.

The beach is very clean and well protected by Polish life guards. Access to the beach is easy. You do not have to climb up and down steps to get past the barrier sand dunes. Nice smooth entrances have been cut through them.

As compared to many other Baltic Sea tourist towns, Mielno is beautiful. Below this text you will find a video that shows you many views of the town.

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