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Warsaw Metro Station Marymoncka

This page provides information about the Metro Station at Marymoncka in Warsaw, Poland.

marymoncka metro station

You can get a free map for the Warsaw Metro System at Metro Map and you can get an inside look at the metro itself at Warsaw Metro.

Marymoncka is in the Zoliborz region of Warsaw, which region is North of the Warsaw, Centrum.

The Marymoncka Metro Station is the fifth stop from the Central Station as you head North toward the final stop at Mlocyny .

It is a major access point in that a large number of busses come in from surrounding regions and drop their passengers there. Additionally, being on the major road, Al. Armii Krajowej, that brings traffic in from the East side of the Wisla via the Most Grota Roweckkiego Bridge, many people use the park and ride garage that is immediately adjacent to the station.

At the same location one can board buses and trams to points North And South.

The area around the station is covered with many kiosks where small business owners serve the local market with everything from clothes to eggs. There is also a supermarket owned by a large supermarket chain.

The area is a major shopping area for the people of Zoliborz.

There are also other shopping areas such as the Arkadia Mall - Warsaw's largest shopping mall. But the area around this station is very popular among the local. older generations.

Actually, you can find some of the finest fruits and vegetables in Warsaw here. And you can get some very good prices on clothes and household items.




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