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Medical tourism to Poland with info about dental, plastic surgery, breast implants and other medical tourism.

Dental Office In Poland
Dental Office In Poland

European medical tourism with the destination Poland is very popular. Poland, a member of the European Union, is a very attractive location for medical tourism. The attraction of medical tourism is partly driven by regulations requiring western European insurance companies to pay for some kinds of dental and medical procedures done in other EU states. With the cost of dental work in the east often a fourth to a half the German price, it's clear why more and more insurers are agreeing to pay. While this page gives many examples of medical tourism related to people from Western Europe, the prices of medical services are so low and the quality of service so high that medical tourism travel to Poland from anywhere in the world is very cost effective.

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Poland Plastic Surgery 'Tourism', Dental Medical Tourism and fertility treatment are very popular. A rising number of Germans and others from western Europe are traveling to Poland - and other new EU members such as Hungary and Slovakia - to pay less for plastic surgery, fertility treatment and dental work.

It's a trend that has accelerated since Poland joined the European Union, along with nine other countries, most from the former Soviet bloc.

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