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Map Warsaw Metro

This gives you a link to a copy of a map of the Warsaw Metro.

map warsaw metro
Warsaw Metro

And below is a video that gives you a view of what the system is like to use.

When you travel, having a map in hand before you travel and studying it enhances your safety. Anywhere in the world confused people are marked by theives. The metro itself is very safe. But you can set yourself up to be followed out of the station.

At a minimum, download the map that we have provided in pdf format. You can print it and mark it up or add it to your other travel map collection. It links out to information about each of the stations on the line.

The image to the right is just a clip of the actual map that you can download in .pdf format that you will find as you scroll down through this page. It is perhaps the most comprehensive and informative map of the metro that we know of.

You can get maps of the Warsaw metro at any of the tourist information service points in Warsaw. They are free.

There are also maps outside the ticket required areas at each of the metro stations. They are wall maps that give you a rather large view of the metro and the streets aroung the various stations.

Similar maps are also on the walls of each of the cars on the line.

Do also note that there is a "line map" above each of the car doors. Commuters use this to track their progress down the line.





The video to the left gives you an overview of the metro.

And we have made a special map that you can read now and print.

The map will open in a new window in your computer browser when you click on Metro Map

There are many other maps available. You can find them at Maps Of Warsaw.

We do hope that this map Warsaw metro page has been helpful.

To bookmark or link to this page, use map warsaw metro.


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