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Map Of Poland

An online map of Poland plus access to printed and GPS maps of Poland available.


Maps of Poland abound on the internet. They come in all forms, shapes and sizes.

If you are going to be using a GPS map for Poland, you will be well advised to read the cautionary material that you find at GPS maps of Poland. At that same link you can also get a copy of the current map and you can update any that you have now.

If you wish much more information, there are topographic maps, historical maps and administrative maps in another page in our site at Maps of Poland and Polish regions.

If you are coming to Poland, one of the main travel tips given by the Poland Chamber in its Travel tips page is to buy maps before you travel. See the travel tips page at Travel Tips

If you are coming to Poland, a traditional paper edition map or an atlas should be part of your travel package.

Not only will it save you time in getting around, it will make it safer for you to travel if you use it to prepare each time you venture forth. People who look confused or who are standing aroung looking at maps are targets for theives. So do take the time to get a map and do it before you leave.





Online Map Of Poland

For your convenience, the map to the left shows you the borders and an overview of the country. If you click on the link you will be taken to a much larger image that you can print.

Once again, please note that there collection of maps is larger in the link above that shows more about the Polish regions.



Picture Tour Of Poland

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click on Visit Poland

For Maps Of Various Cities
Click On Maps.

This video takes you on a picture tour of Poland. You are invited to see what the country on the map looks like.

You can also find maps for various cities at Maps.

We do hope that this map of Poland page has been helpful.

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