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Life In Poland

This page discusses some of the aspects of the life in Poland for the foreigner visiting the country.

Antique Market Warsaw

The antique market in Warsaw, Poland is located in Kolo and is open on Sunday mornings. This page gives information about that market and tells you how to get to it.

Warsaw Outdoor Pool

This page provides you information about an outdoor pool in Warsaw Poland that has many extra facilities. There is a video that shows the complex itself plus information about how you can get to the pool complex.

Flea Market Warsaw

Open on Sunday mornings, all year round, the Flea Market at Park Moczydlo, Warsaw, Poland attracts thousands of people looking for bargains.

Hale Banacha

Daily life - the way it is around Hale Banache in Warsaw, Poland.

Metro Marymoncka

Arkadia Shopping Mall



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