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Legal Age For Sex In Poland

About the legal age for sex in Poland and other limitations on sex with young women.

The legal age for sex in Poland is 15. The legal age for marriage, however, is 16. Rated Generalaudience

In spite of Poland being a predominantly Roman Catholic country, the young people approach sex must the same as their counterparts in Western Europe do. Sex is fun and they enjoy it to the maximum extent possible given the limitations of their surroundings.

In the small towns, where everyone knows everthing about everyone, there are some inhibitions. Even so disco's are all over the country and offer people a way to get involved without the prying eyes of elders.

There have been some attempts to raise the legal age for sex. But those have not had much support at all.

Sex starts early in Europe. Legal sex at age 16 for Poland compares to age 14 in some European countries.



In some Western European countries, women often experience sex for the first time under the supervision of their mothers. Such parental involvement starts a woman early and gives her the permission of her family and the confidence of knowing what it is about to strike out on her own early.

The older people in Poland are, however, not as liberal as those in Western Europe so the likelihood of something like that happening in Poland is nil.

In short, adult activities start early, they are open and they are socially accpetable.

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